The Team

Rod Flockhart – Chief Flight Instructor
Rod has been a pilot since 1989 whilst working as a Qantas Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. In 1996 Rod started his first flying career, as a flight instructor/charter pilot progressing to a Commercial Pilot and later, as an Airline Pilot with Qantas. Rod is a qualified Aircraft Engineer maintaining FlightScope Aviation’s fleet of aircraft to the highest engineering standards.

Chris Howarth – Senior Flight Instructor
Chris has been a keen aviation enthusiast since graduating at university back in 1986. He is a teacher by trade and, for the past 10 years, has been teaching aviation theory to nearly 800 students in that period! He is the pre-flight briefing “guru” and now brings his “classroom” to the skies as a Flightscope Aviation instructor. His passion for “all things aviation” and as a teacher/instructor is readily apparent when Chris joins you on board a Flightscope Aviation aircraft for your flight training.

Michael Lawrence – Flight Instructor
Dr. Michael Lawrence is a former RAF fighter/bomber pilot and air to air refuelling instructor. Single engine piston, single engine jet (supersonic) and multi engine jet endorsements with 2000 hours experience. Twenty five years experience teaching physiology and physics and now teaching recreational aviation. Michael has also recently flown from Heck Field SE Qld around Australia in a Recreational Aircraft.