Learning to fly in Brisbane? Flightscope Aviation operates a fleet of brand new Eurofox light sport aircraft and boasts three airline qualified pilots as instructors. Some people learn to fly for the thrill of a challenge, others learn for a career, some for private and recreational aviation on a Sunday afternoon.

We can help and guide you through the journey of learning to fly. Contact us today to learn more.

This is where it all starts. You will be given a ground briefing by the instructor on how the plane flies, how the controls work and what to expect. From there you will prep the aircraft, jump in and leave the ground behind you. The instructor will control the aircraft to a safe manouvering height and there your first in flight lesson starts. You will handle the controls while performing basic turns, climbs and descents at the same time feeling the exhilaration of FLIGHT.
An application will need to be made to RA-Aus (instructors will help with this) to receive a student licence and a membership fee will need to be paid.
Flying comes naturally to some more than others, but with persistance, determination and the invaluable help of Flightscopes friendly instructors you will be able to work at and achieve the goal of flying. As you progress through the lessons there will both written and practical exams. There is also a minimum requirement of 20 flying hours. We find that the majority of people take between 25-30 hrs.
But this is not the end. On completion and passing the exams you will receive a Pilot Certificate issued by RA-Aus, based on the type of aircraft you have trained in. But this is not the end! In fact, to quote Deborah Conway, it’s only the BEGINNING. The Pilot Certificate allows you to fly within a radius of 25 nautical miles from your departure airfield. This is where the endorsements apply and the real FUN begins.
After your Pilot Certificate, you can go on to learn to fly cross country flights, fly with passengers or even convert to General Aviation and go all the way to a Commercial Pilot Licence if you want to go that far!

The choice is yours.

  • When you fly with us, you will have the chance to see Brisbane’s sightseeing locations, and Queensland’s Gold Coast from a unique perspective. Be sure to fly with us so you can see the most beautiful locations Queensland has to offer!
  • 与我们一起遨游天际,你不仅能够离蓝天白云更近,