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If you decide, after flying the Eurofox at dawn or dusk, that you want to fly during the day out of Archerfield or fly bigger VH registered aircraft, then the new CASA Recreational Pilot Licence is for you. While you can start from scratch in GA at other schools, we highly recommend starting with RA-Aus: it’s a great foundation for further flying, it’s far more finance friendly and flying the Eurofox teaches you to really fly.

At Flightscope, we use a German manufactured Aquila A210, which we affectionately call Bonnie, to convert you over to the CASA licensing system. This aircraft has a constant speed propeller and a full Garmin avionics suite.

To get an RPL, you need to:
– Be over 16;
– Undertake an English Language Assessment;
– Have 25 hours total time (20 dual, 5 PIC);
– Undertake two hours of basic instrument flying training; and
– Pass a CASA RPL Flight Review with our in-house ATO.

All that may sound a little scary, but it’s not. A flight review is just a flight with an examiner to ensure your skills haven’t been degraded or you haven’t picked up any bad habits.

Your exams from your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate will carry over, as will your Navigation Endorsement. You will also be granted a Controlled Aerodrome endorsement, enabling you to fly to the Sunshine Coast, Tamworth or Coffs Harbour, just to name a few places.

You will also need to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card if you wish to fly into Controlled Aerodromes.

But the best part of the RPL is that the privilieges of controlled aerodromes also apply to your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, as long as both your RPL and Certificate are current.

Want to go for a local flight with a friend and do a scenic flight to the Gold Coast on a warm Sunday morning? Take the Eurofox.

Flying long distance for business? Take the Aquila.

Costs & Outline

5 hours Aquila, plus one briefing Constant Speed Unit. ASIC bi-annual review.

You can pay per lesson and we don’t charge for fuel or headset hire.

AU$389 In stock
Dual with Instructor Solo / Private hire (-100)
Constant Speed Unit once Briefing on Constant Speed Unit (85)
CASA Pilot Test Recreational Pilots Licence or Annual Flight Review (275)
Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation Fly Aquila aircraft - General Aviation