Learn to Fly - Pilot Course


Learn to Fly - Pilot Course 00005

Pilot starter pack 2018 - Learn to Fly Course

Learn to fly – Your first 25 hours as a Recreational aviation pilot

Learn from the best

Your first 25 hours to gaining your Wings - Recreational Pilot Certificate

Preflight Briefings – clear concise professional instructors who inspire you to learn right

Flight Training 20 hours Dual Flight Instruction

Flight Training 5 hours Solo Flights Supervised

Post flight Debriefings – positive and friendly to get the best results personally tailored for you to progress

Free Pilot equipment included

Recreation Aviation Australia Pilot Starter Kit

Jeppesen Professional Pilot Bag including Headset bag and radio bag

Boeing Jeppesen Flight Computer “Whiz wheel”

Jeppesen Pilot Cockpit trifold kneepad

Pilot Textbooks and Pilot Documentation

More FUN and Good Times

Friendly and Experienced Professional Instructors at Flightscope Aviation with tens of thousands of hours

Recreational Pilot Certificate -preparation, in house Flight Testing included. CASA / Ra Aus examiner on staff.

Upon Completion further RAAUS training courses: Cross Country Navigation, Passenger endorsement, Tail wheel

Efficient modern aircraft and all Ra Aus flight hours count towards CASA pilot Licences. e.g.; Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot.

At Flightscope Aviation

Recreational Pilot Certificate – Get your Wings at Flightscope Aviation Professional Flight Training.

New Aviator Discount package: OR Pay as You Go per flying lession

Are you ready to fly locally? You know you want to. Go on. Just Do it. The sky is waiting for you.

AU$9500 In stock
RAAus endorsements Passenger RAAus (1540) Navigation RAAus (4220)
General Avaition RPL - Aquila, CSU/MCCP (2075) PPL - Aquila, MCCP (CSU) (3529) Night VFR - Aquila (3708) CPL theory course (6227) CPL single engine Aquila (41360)
Learn to Fly - Pilot Course Learn to Fly - Pilot Course Learn to Fly - Pilot Course