Unlimited Aerobatics Experience - Extra


Unlimited Aerobatics Experience - Extra 00009


This experience is truly for adrenaline junkies...

Flights are tailored to you; the trip is as wild, or mild, as you choose!

Top speed of 410 km/h - Climb rate in excess of 2000ft per minute - Rated to 10Gs - Not for the faint hearted - Loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, Stall turns, inverted flight, hesitation roll, Cuban eights – 30 mins.


You and your wingman will take off side by side in formation and head out for the ultimate aerial dog fight. On completion you will do individual aerobatics and return back to base for a formation landing.


Experience the thrill of flight. Take control and fly the aircraft through Aerobatic manoeuvres like a loop and a roll. Explanation of the mechanics of flight - Take control of the aircraft - Take the aircraft through a loops and rolls

AU$595 In stock
Fight options Air Combat Experience - You and a friend: two aircraft (475) Pilot Aerobatics Training $695 per hour (10hrs Aerobatic Rating) (100)
Video of your flight no camera (0) one HD video of your flight (95) Air Combat Experience - Two HD Videos: You and a friend (160)