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Highly qualified and passionate aviators, providing disciplined and focussed approach, to encourage, develop and innovate.

Flightscope Aviation is a registered flight training organisation which operates under the Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (RA-Aus.). In Australia RA-Aus. We conduct a broad range of flight training from a student pilots first lesson to advanced pilot training. Part-time or full-time training is conducted from our training facility located at Brisbane’s most popular general aviation airfield, Archerfield Airport.

The Team

Our team is professional, friendly and passionate about aviation.


Rob Gillies

Senior Flight Instructor & CASA Testing Officer


Chris Howarth

Senior Flight Instructor


Rohan Atkinson

Flight Instructor

With friendly and enthusiastic staff, your flight training will be exciting, fun and professional. The recreational pilots certificate is not only for recreational flying. Many doors are opened for a career in aviation as all hours and training gained will count towards obtaining a Private pilots licence (PPL) which leads to the Commercial pilots licence (CPL).

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Flightscope’s training facility is located at building 115, (at the end of) Hudson Place, Archerfield Airport.


Our facility is in a great location for short and easy taxiing to all runways, with quick flight times to training areas and scenic vistas of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding hinterland.

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