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Let's get inverted.
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Get a CASA issued medical and fly when you like.
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Whether you have always wanted to fly or if you just wanted to try something new.
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Applications open now.


Your flying journey starts now.


What we provide


The beginning of your journey.

The Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) allows you to fly a RA-Aus registered aircraft 25nm from your point of departure.


  • Minimum hours: 20
  • 15 hours dual & 5 hours solo
  • Medical standard of a drivers licence
  • Minimum age: 15 years


The first CASA licence.

The Recreational Pilot Licence allows you to fly a light single engine aircraft as the Pilot in Command without supervision within 25nm of your departure point.


  • Flight time as pilot: 25 hours
  • Solo flight time: 5 hours
  • Dual Instrument time: 2 hours
  • English Language Assessment
  • RPL theory exam
  • Class 1 or 2 medical

Note: If you have a RPC you can convert across to a RPL by conducting a flight review.

You can add navigation and controlled airspace endorsements to this licence.

We conduct RPL training in either a C152 or our Aquila A210.


The freedom to navigate.

If you have a RPC and wish to navigate more than 25nm from your departure point.


  • 12 hours navigation experience including 2 hours solo navigation.
  • Private hire a RA-Aus registered aircraft and fly anywhere in Australia.


  • Private hire a RA-Aus registered aircraft and fly anywhere in Australia.


A perfect fit.

This endorsement allows you to share your flying experience with your friends and family.

With this you can take 1 passenger up with you when you fly in an RA-Aus registered aircraft.


Pilot-in-command or co-pilot for private operations.

The Private Pilot Licence allows you as the holder to fly an aircraft around Australia as pilot-in-command or co-pilot in private operations.


  • Aeronautical experience: 40 hours
  • Flight time as pilot: 35 hours
  • Solo flight time: 10 hours
  • Solo cross-country: 5 hours
  • Dual Instrument time: 2 hours
  • Dual instrument flight time: 1 hour

We do our Private Pilot Licences in our German Aquila A210 with constant speed unit.


Fly for a living.


  • Minimum Age: 18 years old
  • Aeronautical Experience: Minimum 150-200 hrs
  • Pilot in Command Flight Time: Minimum 70-100 hrs
  • Pilot in Command Cross-country: Minimum 20 hrs
  • Dual instrument time: Minimum 10 hrs
  • Dual instrument fight time: Minimum 5 hrs
  • Medical: Class 1


Jump in.

To convert to a RPL you need to complete the CASA application form and follow the instructions on the form to provide evidence of your pilot certificate, submit a recent photograph and provide appropriate proof of your identity. You also need to undertake a flight review before you can use your licence.


Safety first.

Whether you're looking to improve your skills or simply gain more confidence, our UPRT offers everything you need and more. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.


Challenge yourself.

This fun and challenging endorsement allows you to fly tailwheel aircrafts.


Fly with finesse.

Challenge yourself and have fun while improving your flight control skills.


Serious fun.

Aerobatic training in the amazing Extra 300



Flightscope Aviation was started back in 2012 by our Chief Flying Instructor Rodney Flockhart while he was a captain at Qantaslink.

Our aim at Flightscope is to teach good habits while having serious fun!

I had an amazing time today! Thank you Rod for great experience! I'd definitely come back! I recommend anyone who hasn't tried this before to give it a go. I felt very safe learned so much!

Ariel N.

I used to fly through another school, but have now joined at Flightscope Aviation. Rod and the rest of the crew are so much more fun and friendly, I already felt like part of the crew, every instructor has been exceptional. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

Shane H.

Flew the whole time!! Was a fantastic experience! Thanks Chris! Will be back.

Liam M.

What a fantastic experience.... I was grinning from ear to ear still a week later. This was a birthday gift from my wife -a learn to fly experience - and it was just that. Chris was absolutely fantastic and explained everything so clearly and gave me confidence as I was quite nervous at the beginning of the lesson. From start to finish I was hands on piloting my first ever flight, from taxiing.. take off.. manoeuvres and landing. I cannot thank Chris enough for this and I would love to follow-up with starting my recreational pilot licence... so see you soon guys. Thanks to the team at Flightscope Aviation. Cheers.

Simon P.

Wow where to start, I wish I found Flightscope earlier. To say learning to fly is fun would be an understatement. I have had the pleasure of learning along side both Rod and Chris, and it has been the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life. You just don't get this level of professionalism with other flight schools. Their approach is tailored to your ability, and they really go out of their way to make it a fun exciting learning experience. The quality of the aircraft is second to none, and i really feel safe each time i jump in the pilot seat. Rod and Chris's knowledge and skill is immediately apparent, and their friendly happy personality just makes the whole experience fantastic. I am half way through my pilot certificate and can not wait to get back in the cockpit and finish my training. I will strongly recommend Flightscope Aviation to anybody who has ever dreamed of flying, because these guys can help you realise your dream in the best way possible. Thanks guys.

Kane L.

Great instructors, helpful flight operations team.

Tony M.

Never did I think I would have the courage to learn how to fly and here I am just doing it. A massive thanks to the instructors (Rod, Michael & Chris) for making it possible and fun at the same time. Your experience and passion for flying is admirable.

Barb G.

Great service, thank you for making the experience so fantastic for my husband.

Mel M.

Best experience yet! Thanks Chris for such a memorable and fun flying experience. Right from the get go I felt comfortable and knew that I was in safe hands. I certainly wasn't expecting to be having that much control and opportunity and I absolutely loved it!

Myf V.

Yes. My son had a great experience and Chris was fantastic! Thank you so much.

Deb W.

This was part of a 30th Birthday gift from my wife and what a Phenomenal experience it was! I am still grinning many hours after my air time. I had so much fun and was allowed as much control as I wanted. Chris is very thorough, knowledgable and was a joy to fly with. I highly recommend Flightscope Aviation to everyone wanting a unique air experience.

Christopher Z.

Had a great flight with Richard! Would absolutely recommended it to anyone willing to give it a go! well done Richard on your second day left me with a memory I'll never forget!

Joshua L.

I had so much FUN!! The pilots are professional and everyone seemed to have a great sense of humour :)

Hillary W.

The most experienced CFI at the airfield in my opinion. I annoy recommend Flightscope enough for their professional, warm and welcoming approach.

Patrick W.

It was an amazing experience, I had one hell of great time flying over, I would recommend flightscope to anyone wishing to experience this awesome thrill.

Jayden K.

Rod and team are extremely qualified instructors and deliver course matter in a relaxed and informative atmosphere! Couldn't recommend highly enough if you are considering to learn how to fly come here!

Jack B.

Rod is a very professional operator and I highly recommend learning to fly at Flightscope. I completed my certificate with Rod and he's always good for a laugh and makes the learning environment enjoyable and relaxed. Anyone thinking of joining the exciting world of aviation should give flightscope a call and train with Rod.

Jake R.

Very supportive, down to earth team, and even invited my son and I into the briefing for my daughter. Explanation of all aspects was very clear, and Rob was only too happy to answer any questions asked.

Caz T.

An amazing experience. Rob was thorough, patient and was only too happy to answer my questions. I will be back for more lessons!

Sarah S.

The crew at Flightscope Aviation were awesome. Both Rod and my instructor Chris were, patient, professional and safety minded. Had an awesome time flying with you guys!

Paul O.

Great group of Guys and good culture for a flight school. Having a ball.

Guy D.

Introductory flight today. New aircraft, great people, outstanding experience!

Peter O.

I'd recommend this experience as a great birthday gift.

Simon D.

CFI is very friendly and great fun to fly with! Cheers Rod.

Luke A.

I had a really great experience! First time flying a plane and the support and knowledge relayed was top notch. Had a blast!!

Briar E.

I highly recommend these guys. Rod was very helpful and professional. Got Me solo again after 16 years. Thank You very much.

Bud M.